Past Grants

  • FELS 2016 Grants
    FELS 2016 Grants
    FELS donated $12,250 in 2016 to ten Lincoln-Sudbury teachers and staff
  • Paul Sarapas
    Paul Sarapas
    Grant to attend The Maine Media Workshop: Fine Art Digital Printing
  • Brian Cochran
    Brian Cochran
    Grant to teach English at a refugee orphanage in Thailand
  • FELS 2015 Grants
    FELS 2015 Grants
    FELS donated $9,765 in 2015 to eight Lincoln-Sudbury teachers
  • Shara Pilch
    Shara Pilch
    Grant to attend a National Outdoor Leadership course in the Yukon

Since 2000, FELS has awarded an average of eight grants a year. Past grants have been awarded for fieldwork, attendance at conferences and workshops, and funding creative ventures. A sampling of grants include an on-site study of the Alaskan ecosystem, researching marine phytoplankton at a University Lab, attending a workshop on student behavior disorders, and a grant to make a documentary film. The complete list of past grants is below.


Elizabeth Carver (World Languages) : Who Are the Maya of the Yucatan?

Nancy Dion (SPED/ACE) : Conservation Photography Workshop

Xin Dong (World Languages) : MaFLA Proficiency Academy Course

Nicole Fratteroli (Counselor) : Picture Perfect, a Counselor’s Art Therapy

Tom Grandprey (FATA) : Italian Culture & Arts Tour

Samantha Parker (Science) : Total Eclipse in the Grand Tetons


Dan Schuler (Counselor) : Off He Goes: Northwest Music, Mindfulness and Meandering

Greg Gammons (Wellness) : Movement Project

Emily Hopwood (Counselor) : Mindfulness Meditation Yoga retreat, Mexico

Vicky Caburian (Wellness) : Philippines Cultural Exchange/Wellness Study

Heath Wright (Campus Aide) : AppleCare Technician Training

Steven Henning : Guatemala Cultural Exchange

Hanka Ray (Math) : Two Week Intensive Study of German Language and Culture

Katie Garland (English) : Kripalu R&R Retreat

Christopher Collins (Science) : Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

Ponah Gillespie (History) : Immersion Study Tour in India


Rachel Cooke (History) : traveled to Vietnam to better understand the Vietnam War from a Vietnamese perspective.

Caroline Han (History) : participated in a PACE Workshop to deepen skills as a VISIONS trainer and better address issues of diversity and inclusion.

Shea Justice (FATA) : creating a visual documentation of an artistic scroll now measuring a mile and a half in length.

Stephanie Kunst (Special Education) : attended classes on animal assisted therapy training, to use the healing bond shared between humans and animals to engage in therapeutic work.

Dan Lewis (English/Outdoor Club) : ventured north to Alaska on a climbing expedition.

Tracie Lopez & Kayla DeWees (Special Education) : studied mind/body health and the psychology of human development in a yoga workshop at the Kripalu Retreat Center.

Annalisa Notaro (English) : ventured to Germany, Austria and Italy for an educator’s road trip.


Mike Bunting (Computer/FATA) : Sarteano Chamber Choir Workshop, Part 2

Laura Fair (Counseling) and Emily Hopwood (Counseling) : Southern California College Tour

Bruce Millet (Building and Grounds) : “Faces of L-S” and “New England Coast” Photography Project

Rebecca Reitz (Special Education) and Carolyn D’Isadoro (Education Support Staff) : U.S. Presidential Itinerary and Our Fathers World War II Experience

Annalisa Notaro (English) : Exploring Bookbinding at the Bennett St. School (Project declined by recipient due to scheduling conflict.)


Michael Bunting (Choral Director) : journeyed to Italy to attend the Sarteano Chamber Choral Workshop.

Thomas Danko (Science Department) : ventured to Japan to research the microbial and fermented pathways of Japanese food and to connect L-S with a local Japanese school.

Humberlys Galindez and Susan Praetz (SPED/ACE counselors) : traveled to Costa Rica for a retreat focusing on yoga and meditative practices.

Conor Hanover (History Department) : spent time in France for independent historical research.

Mark Sobkowicz (Science Department) : attended an educational conference to learn about iOS (iPhone and iPad) programming.

Mary Jane Walsh (SPED/LC Department) : attended a workshop on assistive technology devices and strategies for learning disabilities.


Sarah Greeley (Wellness Department) : journeyed to Ireland and established connections for a future rugby team visit.

Thomas Valentine (Language Department) : spent a month in Grenada, Spain, learning flamenco guitar and history.

Anne S. Walker (Art Department) : traveled to China on an educational tour.

Allison Richardson and Caroline Singler (Science Department) : voyaged to Hawaii for a two-week earth science exploration of the Big Island.


Sara Fine-Wilson (Art Department) : studied the art, craft and architecture of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Marie-Josee Galano (Language Department) : explored French Provencal culture and tradition.

Kurt James (Language Department) : bolstered language skills in Switzerland.

Alison Sanders-Fleming (Science Department) : documented geologic processes at National Parks across the USA.

Muriel Stern Riseman (Counseling Department) : participated in an Innovative Counseling Association Conference in Seattle.


Maureen Bolton (Science Department) : participated in a Travel/Study Program to Ireland for Teachers and Administrators. Insights into policy and curriculum are sure to be learned from site visits to science departments in both urban and rural schools in Ireland.

Greg Gammons (Wellness Department) : experienced a two-day rock climbing expedition. Knowledge gained in equipment, climbing technique and safety will afford insight into the sport and elevate the teaching level.

Carol Padden (Art Department) : took a workshop at Maine Media in Experimental Digital Printmaking. New skills learned will enhance the curriculum in L-S courses.

Jong Kwan “JK” Park (Counseling Department) : travelled to South Africa this summer, to work as a role model with disadvantaged youth in order to promote hope and resiliency through sport. JK worked with an organization called Grassroot Soccer, a program which reaches 5000 South African youth. Grassroot Soccer trains educators in HIV-affected countries to provide an interactive balance of soccer, HIV prevention and life skills curriculum. Lessons learned will aid in effectiveness both as a school counselor and as a soccer coach.

Shara Pilch (Math Department) : spent a weekend at the Kripalu Center, in a yoga workshop focused on healing anxiety and depression. Shara will learn techniques to recognize cycles of anxiety and depression. She intends to pass on these techniques to faculty and students, to help teens understand and combat anxiety and depression in positive, meaningful and lasting ways.

Paul Sarapas (Art Department) : attended a two-week summer course at the Art Institute of Chicago, to enhance his teaching abilities in visual and media arts.


Nancy Childress: Travel to Northern Italy to lay the groundwork for the 2010 student trip .

Hanka Ray : A two-week intensive home-stay and study of the Russian language and culture in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Mary Jane Walsh : A ten-day trip to Washington, D.C. to study sites and documents related to the 20th century.

Cailleen Bernardi : A 16-day study tour to China, to visit an award-winning high school in Shanghai, an art school in Xian, and a middle school in Beijing for migrant children, where she will co-teach with another trip participant.

Caroline Han : Attend a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program to learn how guided meditation, relaxation on techniques, and inquiry exercises reduce stress.


Nathaniel Armistead: study of pre-Modern Germany through the surviving Art and Architecture in Munich, Schwartzwald, Strasbourg, Trier, Cologne, Mainz


Alison Sanders-Fleming: Grant to explore the Geology of a Volcanic Island Arc:New Zealand

Brian Cochran: teaching English in Thailand at a refugee orphanage on the Myanmar/Thailand border

David Grace:audit a course at the Fletcher School: Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

Sarah Hogan: Italian language exploration through summer courses

Angela Iandoli:explore language and culture of the Azores through a homestay

Casey Riley: renew French language skills through a course in French at Harvard Extension School

Alison Sanders-Fleming: explore the Geology of a Volcanic Island Arc: New Zealand

Paul Sarapas: attend The Maine Media Workshop: Fine Art Digital Printing



Paul Sarapas: Grant to attend The Maine Media Workshop: Fine Art Digital Printing

Ruth Hartt (Choral Director) took vocal lessons and received other support for preparing a recital of opera arias, songs, and duets. The support was put to use in a concert for the Sudbury community this past spring.

Thomas Grandprey (Music Department) took piano lessons and did work in music theory, aimed particularly at improvisation.

Mark Sobkowicz (Computer Department) pursued further work in web site development, which among other ways will be put to use on the LS web site.

Peter Elenbaas (Science Department) researched the use of nanotubes to influence the bacterial community in sewage effluent. The training will be used to design new laboratory experiences for biology classes.

Jason Medeiros (English Department) went to the Institute for Professional Development at Northeastern University to study the teaching of poetry writing to adolescents. The techniques will be put to use in class to help students become stronger readers, writers, and editors of poetry.


Shoshi Kahn-Woods (Language Dept) will explore the archeology, cultures, cooking and language of the region around Oaxaca, Mexico. She hopes to bring back a slide show for her students.

Shea Justice (Art Dept) will visit Italy and hopes to develop an art exhibit for the students.

Ruth Hartt (Choral Director) will be taking conducting lessons from a distinguished Boston conductor. She hopes to use her higher level of artistry to prepare for annual community singing events.

Elizabeth Knieper ( Learning Center) will explore the cemeteries of Sudbury and Lincoln to develop a photo field guide of lichens. She hopes to share this guide with the Lincoln-Sudbury teachers and students.

Shara Pilch (Math Dept) will attend a SOLO Wilderness First Responder course to learn how to handle emergencies and medical knowledge and lead others in the outdoors. She wishes to bring enriching education experiences to students in the setting of the outdoors.

Matt McCormick( Wellness Dept) will travel to Peru to challenge himself by climbing the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. He hopes this will increase his knowledge and capacity to teach adventure-based courses at LS.

Paul Sarapas (Art Dept) will create a portfolio collation and video documentary on Boston African-American Artists and notable art sites. He hopes this will help him develop as an artist and provide technical support to others in the LS community.

Steven Roderick (Biology Dept) will attend a workshop on Systems Thinking. He hopes to create a computer model showing the dynamics of leadership and change at LS and use this as a platform to discuss the complexities of decision-making.


Hanka Ray and Carrie Embleton, Math department, to attend a weeklong summer institute: Exploring Statistics with Fathom software. They will integrate this software tool for teaching statistics, into daily classroom practice as a concept demonstration tool and for lab activities with students.

Beverly Weinberg, from Central, to visit Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps in Germany. She will use pictures and first hand knowledge from the trip to enhance a history unit and give students a better understanding of what really happened there.

Michele Lepietre, Language department, to attend a course in French Civilization and Methodology. The course includes workshops on teaching French punctuation, writing, grammatical difficulties and civilization.

Annalisa Notaro, English department, to attend a Life Writing course at Blue Hills Writing Institute. The course features lectures, professional panels, intensive classes, and individual conferences, focusing on personal writing.

Jorge S. Allen, Language department, to take a six-week trip to Bahia, Brazil to study Afro-Brazilian culture during July and August. He will document Festa (Festival of Our Lady of the Good Death) and share it with the LS community through an online photo journal.

Shara Pilch, Math department, to take a two-week trip to Kluane National Park with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). Through this experience of backpacking in the Yukon, she hopes to become a better classroom teacher, and leader in school and with the Outdoor club. NOLS focuses on self-awareness, teamwork, and vision and action.