Grant Info

Thank you for your interest in a FELS grant. Applications for 2018 are now closed. Check back next academic year to learn more and apply.

Are you an L-S teacher or staff member that is inspired to inspire others?

Do you have an interesting project you would like to do during vacation or free time that will promote your professional or personal growth?

Would you like some funding for that project and be willing to share what you have learned with the community?


Projects are not limited to your teaching discipline or subject area, but they may be related. Please see on the FELS Website the wide variety of grants awarded in recent years.

You are expected to share the benefits of your experience with the L-S or the Lincoln or Sudbury communities. That can be as simple as an interview with the Lincoln or Sudbury newspapers or the Forum, or as extensive as a public forum at L-S or the Goodnow Library, for example.

Projects must be completed during vacation or free time.

We do not fund: grants that lead to a graduate degree or to raise money for another organization, grants with any religious affiliation, projects that could be reimbursed by L-S, or meals.

The maximum grant is $2,500. Past grants have ranged from $300 to $2,500.

Applications are due Monday, March 5, 2018. To submit an application, you can click here to submit online, or submit a handwritten application in the FELS mailbox at LSRHS.

2017-2018 academic year grants will be awarded on April 10, 2018. The FELS Award Ceremony will be held in Conference Room A at LSRHS at 2:45 pm.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.